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Are you suddenly getting Facebook notifications every time a particular friend posts a status or photo update? Chances are, you have accidentally selected to receive Facebook notifications by classifying this person as a “close friend” on Facebook.

The fix does not screw up your friendship status – you still stay connected on Facebook, so don’t worry! You are only turning off the “close friend” notification you keep getting every time your buddy decides to let the Facebook world know he is stuck in traffic or has a 453rd adorable dog picture that you prefer to skip!

Web: How to Unfollow a Person on Facebook

    1. From Facebook, visit the friends profile page. From your news feed, click on their profile icon image to get to their profile page.


    1. Near the bottom right of their large profile header image (the big one), there are a few floating buttons. Click the little arrow to the right edge of the blue “Friends” button.
    2. From the dropdown, uncheck “get notifications.”


    1. Do a happy dance, you did it!


SmartPhone (or Tablet): How to Stop Getting a Person’s Notifications from Facebook

From your iPhone or Android smartphone, After getting a notification that you no longer want to receive, follow the instructions found in this related post on how to unfollow a post on facebook.

Turn ‘Em All Off From Your SmartPhone RIGHT NOW!

If you want to turn off all notifications from all close friends on Facebook? Here is how to do unfollow close friends from a smartphone or tablet device:

    1. From the Facebook app, click “More” in the bottom right hand corner to get to the settings menus.
    2. Click “Account Settings” from the menu.


    1. Click “Notifications” from the menu.


    1. Scroll down to find “What Notifications You Get.” Under this, click “close friends activity.”


    1. Uncheck the box next to “Get Notifications” under “Close Friend Activity” to turn off.


    1. Done! Enjoy less notices that your Uncle bought a new grill or that your little sister dyed her hair purple.

Wondering how you got these silly notifications in the first place? You did not do it, Facebook did it to you. Facebook automatically opts you in to receive notifications from anyone categorized as a “close friend” on your friend list. If you are not paying close attention, you could easily accidentally make someone a “close friend” on accident. Learn more about this setting on Facebook’s support page: https://www.facebook.com/help/www/112320895539157.

If you are trying to manage too many profiles, you may want to consider a social media management tool to navigate all of this for you. It even let’s you manage your friend lists. HootSuite is a great example of a simple, effective free way to manage all of your social media. Check out Hootsuite now.

Image Credit: HappyDance image courtesy of tumblr user Axlheck: http://axlheck.tumblr.com/.