Although not very intuitive, it is possible within the Facebook smartphone and tablet app to “unfollow” a Facebook post. After interacting with a post on Facebook by commenting, sharing, or hitting the like button, Facebook will automatically keep you informed of any further activity on that post via email notification or your mobile app push notifications unless you manually unsubscribe from further updates on the post. When on your mobile device, that becomes more difficult to do.

If you comment on a popular post that generates a lot of activity, you may end up getting flooded with notifications about a post that you never wanted! It is possible to “unfollow’ the post from your mobile device, tablet or smartphone. The instructions and screen shots below assume you are navigating on an ipad, but will also work with your iphone or Android.

Instructions How to Unfollow Facebook Post

  1. Touch the small settings button in the top left corner of the screen.
  2. facebook mobile menu

  3. Tap Account Settings from the list near the bottom.
  4. facebook mobile account settings

  5. Touch Notifications.
  6. At the top, you will see a list of your most recent Facebook post interactions under “Your Recent Notifications.” Find the post you would like to “unfollow.” Touch the “edit” button on the right next to the post.
  7. Touch the red “Unfollow” button that appears.
  8. unfollow facebook post settings

Facebook does not make it very easy to unsubscribe or unfollow posts from your mobile device, but at least you now know there is a way! Also, learn how to unfollow a person or “close friends” category of people on Facebook from your computer or mobile device.