I own and manage Lawton Digital Marketing, a digital marketing and development agency in Denver, Colorado. WideSmiler.com gives me a playground for personal musings from iOS tech tips to my newest Victorian home project adventure (gulp). Operating systems make me far less nervous than hammers.

The Perfors Mansion

It Starts at 6am, Before Coffee It’s 6am and the sun is shining through the completely transparent, doily-style lace blinds. Day 4 in the Perfors Mansion has begun. My husband stands over me in his undies holding a wrench asking for my help. I’m about to... read more

There I Am

Lauren Lawton Perfors

Lauren Lawton Perfors

I grew up outside of Baltimore, Maryland. Yep, where The Wire took place. And yes, where those riots were / are / keep happening. My Dad, me and my 8 guppies drove to Utah when I was 13; my mom followed soon after, and we never went back. Literally, never. I discovered Denver, Colorado for college, and fell in love with the city and the people it attracts. College was awesome. Darn good thing since I will be paying for the University of Denver for the rest of my life. Thank you for the stellar education and mountain of debt, DU.

7 years later I discovered while working in the corporate world that your salary goes up when you have a Master’s degree. I also discovered that even part time school means no student loan payments, EXCELLENT! Naturally, I then stretched out the degree for the next 5 years. Now I have a $50,000 Master’s degree in a $10 frame; can’t afford a fancier one since Sallie Mae started calling me 3 days BEFORE I graduated. Thank you Sallie for the glamorous official graduation notice.

Graduating is when I discovered that the “Master’s degree = raise” works when working for big, bad corporations run by greedy executives (we all believe anything we hear on the news right?). Oh, did I miss a step? That’s right. I quit corporate, and went to work for a start-up. Then I quit the start-up and started a digital marketing agency of my very own. My baby, my passion, my love! You see, you do not get a raise for a fancy piece of paper that says “Master’s Degree” when you work for yourself, #fail. To clarify for those still doing the math, my bills doubled and my income halved. Smart decision on my part, I know.

Don’t worry, the story has a happy ending. I just haven’t gotten to the end yet; I am only in my thirties, slow down. Plenty of time for money, fame, and fortune. Until then, I am now 2 years in to “entrepeneur” status. Perhaps being a #female #entrepeneur counts as famous? It’s definitely trending on Twitter.

In the midst of degree collecting and business starting, we bought a big old Victorian house—errm mansion in northwest Denver. Oh, “we” is my husband, have I mentioned him yet? He is a handsome devil. Fortunately for us, he also knows how to fix houses.

My Widesmiler.com blog was my first website. Oh, right, did I mention I build WordPress websites too? I also take a LOT of ADD meds. Back to the blog – it was my SEO blog, but now those posts go on my company website. I was in a fitness promotion, so for a while my daily food and exercise progress entries lived here. Now, good old widesmiler.com has turned over a new leaf as my opportunity to share life experiences that brought me to where I am today; and let’s hope they bring me fame, fortune and mass envy. Gotta have goals.

Being a tool on Twitter. #TheStruggleisReal